Friday, October 21, 2011

It Helps to Complain and run a Blog.

After 5 weeks I have received my CNC cut borosilicate glass for the VAT floor. If you want to read about it...Small post here

With the borosilicate I ordered 10mm soda-lime build base Z axis glass. Green glass compared to Borosilicate below:

It is clear why it is called "green" glass. Here are some more comparison shots 5.5mm Borosilicate vs 5mm soda-lime:

When I cleaned the borosilicate glass it was like looking through air! Amazing!

The glass was one of my major components. From here I can mount the VAT tilt, the Z Axis height and VAT tilt linear slide.

I also have some small resin samples ( 10ml ) coming in next week from Dymax.

I will experiment with the regular Soda lime vs Borosilicate and let you know.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

People run at different RPM

Greetings to the followers of my blog!

Different people run at different RPM. I have been waiting for the Borofloat glass to be cut on a CNC mill and have got the run around. I cannot get  a straight answer, as to when my order will be completed. I have called the company every day for the last 10 days, but this project has had its ups and downs.

I hope to get in touch with the manager and maybe talk him into completing my order.

I have to have the glass to adjust the Z axis position, to be able to assemble the Tilt to the correct place, to install the tilt axis, to move the projector to a more central position. A lot of things depend on it.

Unfortunately I'll wait a little more!


Thursday, October 6, 2011

VAT base glass coating test

I have spread some silicone on a glass piece and placed 4 different foils on it. I placed another thick glass on top and clamped down. Left it for 2 days.

From Left to Right below:

Window PVC Foil, Backing foil from PVC Foil, Flower cellophane foil and A3 blueprints protector sheets.

The A3 blueprints protector is quite thick. It cured on the sides but in the center it stayed a little wet after 2 days:

The Flower Cellophane foil was next and the silicone DID NOT dry at all. It stayed wet and sticky:

The PVC Foil Backing was next. I could not get it peeled off.The silicone was solidly stuck to the foil and glass:

Next was the PVC backing itself. It is textured on one side and absolutely smooth on the other:

IT WAS PERFECT! The silicone has dried underneath and was easy to peel off. The surface was smooth and as you will see perfectly transparent:

The PVC Foil looks like this:

It is used as a security foil or when you need to texture the glass on your windows. I have bought it from Mr Bricolage, but it is available in Praktiker or other stores. In the US you should be able to find something similar in Lowe's, Home Depot or Ace Hardware .

I will be coating the regular sized 150mm X 150mm glass with silicone next.


VAT 100% silicone dam wall

Time to setup another test. I am trying to create a dam wall for the silicone coated VAT, that I have not yet built. I will have details on the experiment with glass and different foil in an attempt to create a thin coating of silicone on the VAT glass.

I have found an aluminum I-beam with unequal sides. One side is 7mm high and the other is 5mm. Width is 17mm. I filled the channel with silicone and let it dry for 3-4 days outside (still relatively warm here - 24C during the day). It solidified and used an exacto knife to separate the sides and lift the silicone.

I used a business card to smooth the silicone while still wet. Put it in the pipe from the lens assembly spacer post to keep it from dust.

Lens Assembly Spacer Again!

After some extensive search, I found some M2.5 standoffs. I bought 15mm, 20mm and 25mm. I used the 15mm long ones.

I used the original bolts on top to hold the lens assembly to housing securely. I left the ring on the lens and slid it down so it is blocking any light passing though the gap.

The results speak for themselves:

Perfectly square and stable image. It is not moving or shaking every time I bump the table.

That last one is of the focused projector.