The Hardware

I started with selecting a projector:

DELL 5100MP -

It might not be the best for the purpose, but it has a 1400x1050 (only through the Analog VGA connector) native resolution and a 300W P-VIP lamp. The extrusion, that the projector will be mounted to, should have about 50mm on both sides ( the 5100MP is about 330mm wide ) so I have it at 420mm.

IMPORTANT:You are free to select other projectors and the frame should be able to accommodate most ( if not all) of them.

Bosch-Rexroth Aluminum Extrusions 40x40 Light

4  - 400мм - Extrusion 40х40 L - for the corners
1  - 320мм - Extrusion 40х40 L - for the VAT crossmember
1  - 105мм - Extrusion 40х40 L - for the VAT tilt LS3-1
1  - 305мм - Extrusion 40х40 L - for the Z axis THK KR20
2  - 160мм - Extrusion 40х40 L - for the projector X movement
9  - 420мм - Extrusion 40х40 L - for the frame and one for the projector
26 -  Corner gussets with bolts for 40х40 - 3842 529 383
4 -  End cap 40х40 - 3842 528 968

Linear Slides:

THK KR2001A+200L for the Z Axis

It has a 140mm useful stroke and a single block. Motor mount is for a NEMA17, but need to make a motor plate.
It also has a 1mm ball screw lead - meaning for every full revolution of the screw, the
block will move 1mm. When we calculate a 1mm/200 motor steps = 50 Microns. I will be using a 1/2 micro stepping on the controllers to get 25 micron per step.

DELTRON LRS3-1 for the VAT Tilt

It has a 25mm useful stroke and a solid, built like a tank construction. Motor mount is NEMA23

You can also use a different method/device like the one seen in the video below:



    is possible to use this projector is cheap

  2. If the resin I use is UV curable, it should mean that I would have to replace the lamp with a UV bulb, am I right? Or is excessive light (thousands of lumens) enough to harden the resin?

  3. Hi Devo, you do not have to replace anything, because the regular bulb emits a small percentage in the UV spectra. That is what is being used to cure the resin.