The Software

Slicing the STL:

I use the Freesteel Slicer to slice the STL in PNG images.

I have an old version MS Office 2003 Standard, that I use to assemble the PNG images into a PPS file to be fed to the macro below.

The Macro:

I have modified the John Watson Macro from, since I'm familiar with Mach3.

For instructions on how to use:

To download Power Point Viewer 97:

To download MACH3 Demo:

Please download the "Lock-down" versions.

To download the macro:


The script works with MACH3 Demo (500 line limit)version 3.42.40/42 and FREE PPView97( you can download from Microsoft Links Above) perfectly!
Meaning on the HOST computer you have only the XP License cost.

A few videos of its use:

Thank You John, again, for the Inspiration!


  1. i try infinyslice is wokin great try it

    1. goldi80 i been searching for infinityslice and its now where to be found,could u help me out?

  2. InfiniSlice is a product of Marcam Engineering that was acquired by Materialise last year.
    I am using FreeSteel to slice.