Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happy New Year to ALL! Long time no updates. Guilty, but, BUT Here is a WIP Flash curing hardening of the resin printed objects:



  1. Dear 3DLPrint blogger,

    I was trying to find a way to contact you with no luck so I will post a comment in hope you can reply on my address.

    I'm a small 3Dprinting business based in Prague - Czech republic. I currently own whole bunch of printers - 6 Solidscape Machines, 3 envisiontec Perfactory, 1 Meiko SLA, 1 SDI RapidToolMaker, 1 Z-corp powder printer.
    I'm also servicing Solidscape printers world-wide.

    I came across your blog few times in the past but today caught my eye the flash curing unit which you are building.

    I think we might cooperate on our inventions.

    I'm now building a post curing unit made of 5x 20W short spectum (405nm peak) high-power LEDs and I'm making it pulsating. I was thinking of using the mercury short-arc flash lamp made by Ushio but then I decided to go for short spectral emision device (but that might be a mistake).

    I'm also producing several spare parts for 3dprinters myself.
    And I'm also in the process of producing a basements for DLP 3dprinters. For separation I'm using a film produced in Japan and intended to be used as Ipad screen protection. (

    Apart from that I would love to discuss the resins, etc.

    contact me,
    my 3dprinting website -

  2. Hey there,

    I'm on my way to building a DLP resin printer myself, found a nice xenon powered 1024x768 DLP beamer, but i have a few questions that i couldn't find answered (maybe i didn't read well enough)
    What material did you end up using for the bottom of the resin container? I imagine it's either Lexan with no UV treatment or quartz glass.. How did you prevent the resin from curing on the bottom of that? Do you really need such a thick piece of glass to hold the project or is a metal plate good too?
    How much resin do you need to keep in the container?
    Do you run into many heat problems?

    Sorry for the flood of questions. I would like to start off correctly, as i've built multiple printers and other machines, I know how difficult it is to start "wrong" :)
    Thank you in advance!