Sunday, March 4, 2012

Adhesive backing FEP Teflon film

Hi all and again thanks to Ahmet ( from the Yahoo group )for sending a sample to me.
I have tested extensively the Adhesive backing FEP Teflon and am abandoning that
route for now. It seems to have the same problem as straight
polycarbonate/nylon/Polyethylene. It is difficult to separate the resin ( at
least mine )without it actually coming off the glass base. You could be using a
different resin with different results, but for my purposes it does not work.



  1. Hi mate,
    just wondering if you have tried using ptfe dry-film spray?
    I'll be building a printer when I get my raspberry pi and would be grateful to know if someone has found a non-tilting solution to the sticky-vat problem.


  2. Hi n.t.I have not tried it, since I have no access to it. From what I hear it leaves an opaque residue and might contaminate the resin. I know RainX does not work.