About Me

Correction: An already unemployed SysAdmin.

A HAM radio amateur - 25 years ago.

A Math and Physics lover - 20 years ago.

A Computer owner - 18 years ago.... Still am...

A Network Administrator - 18 years ago.

A System Administrator for the last 15 years... Still am...

A 3D printer fanatic - 5 years ago.

A dad of a sweet, wild child 2 years and hope to count many more...

A soon to be unemployed System Administrator and 3D jewelry designer...

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  1. Hey I wanted to thank you sincerely for posting your project results. It has given me hope to build my own high resolution 3d printer! I appreciate greatly a person that would share knowledge for the benefit of others. Thank you!

  2. Hi, wich kind of 3d printer did you use for this result ? Do you think I can reach the same result with a Easy 120 ?
    Thanks for your video and your answer !

  3. hey when will u introduce this printer?

  4. how do we get this printer? n what its name?

  5. Hi Sheraz Atiq - The printer has been introduced already ;-) I have no plans to sell it, It is for my own personal consumption ( and your too ) .