Friday, October 21, 2011

It Helps to Complain and run a Blog.

After 5 weeks I have received my CNC cut borosilicate glass for the VAT floor. If you want to read about it...Small post here

With the borosilicate I ordered 10mm soda-lime build base Z axis glass. Green glass compared to Borosilicate below:

It is clear why it is called "green" glass. Here are some more comparison shots 5.5mm Borosilicate vs 5mm soda-lime:

When I cleaned the borosilicate glass it was like looking through air! Amazing!

The glass was one of my major components. From here I can mount the VAT tilt, the Z Axis height and VAT tilt linear slide.

I also have some small resin samples ( 10ml ) coming in next week from Dymax.

I will experiment with the regular Soda lime vs Borosilicate and let you know.



  1. I am closely following the work of my friend .. turkey ... I did this machine had minor troubles ... I'll give you an idea ... polished aluminum instead of glass, a better result if you use it you'll be brought...If you have hotmail address can I mail out the product images....good luck

  2. I would like to see much more posts like this!.. Fantastic blog btw! reis Subscribed..