Tuesday, December 6, 2011

When its time for Build Base, It's Build Base Time!

Famous quote from a carpet commercial, but adapted...

So, time has come to build the base.
The most common plastic I was able to find was HDPE cutting board:

I cut 2 pieces:
5.5cm x 7cm and 7cm x 9cm:

Stack and clamp for drilling: with the L-bracket:

 On the underside I needed to make a countersink for the M8 x 30 bolt head:

Then drill as many holes with an M6 and use an M8 on the side opposite of the countersink for the M8 (top) to create countersinks that will be filled with BLACK silicone and a 7cm x 9cm x 10mm glass will be:

It should end up looking like this from the glass side (bottom):
Let the HDPE and glass sandwich sit for 3~4 days without disturbing it. I know the silicone will not stick too well to HDPE, but it is only for testing. I might have to remake the build base.
Time to drill the L-bracket for the two M8 bolts and the M3 bolts that will hold the build base to the THK Linear block:

I used M3 x 8mm slot bolts. I could not readily find Inbus (Allen head)  M3. All the local hardware shops stock from M4 up.
The end result will look like this:

Seems to be stuck well, but the question is : Will it come undone under the forces needed to lift the cured resin off the VAT?
We shall see.

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