Friday, September 30, 2011

Revisited VAT Holder and Tilt

So, Here is the finished revisited VAT Holder and tilt:

This is my 150mm X 150mm regular Soda-Lime green glass test piece ( until my borosilicate 5.5mm glass arrives ).

Slide the Aluminum extrusion profile from the BOM of the VAT Frame Cont. post and First Stab at VAT... over the edge and:

Secure the Glass with the help of the Hex grub screws of the Glass Shelf Holders.

Leave some spacing for a bracket that will be hooked up to the VAT tilt linear slide and motor.

Take some measurements and draw a horizontal line on the L-shape profile from the BOM:

Keep the aluminum and glass holders tight and leveled parallel to the L-shape profile.

I am using 4mm bolts (they will be cut to length later), so drill with 4.2mm bit. This leaves some room for adjustments ( about 0.3mm ) in all directions.

Once both sides are done line them up and tighten slightly. Use some soft foam (or thin rubber strips, or folded paper etc.) to pad the glass in the aluminum profile. Be careful not to break the glass. Place it on a flat surface (see Build Base ) and level.

I will choose one of these three springs based on trial and error:

First is stiff, second is soft and springy, third is a little short and stiff. The washers are M4 - 18mm X 1mm.

Done! Have a productive day!

P.S. Wear eye protection when working. Be safe!


  1. I am surprised that you are planning to use a tilt mechanism. I thought that with a non-stick base, the tilting is no longer needed (which would be fantastic because tilting takes so much time, reduces precision, and adds cost).

  2. Check out my post on Junior Uses Tilt. Not to compare, but I will try the 100% Silicone coating on the glass and also tilt of the VAT.
    He tested a non-stick coated glass sent from someone in the Yahoo Group, but it did not work. At the price I'm paying for Borosilicate glass I like to have lots of options.