Saturday, January 7, 2012

From the mistakes we learn...

Happy Holidays!
Finally have some time to write in the build log.
Fernando (SpaceCaptain)  from the Yahoo group was king to send me small samples of different resins (4 ) before the holidays. I had tested mixing them and Dymax 9663 with Castin' Craft Transparent Amber and here are the results:

The problem I discovered is that not one of the resins was able to cure to a layer less than 0.5mm even at 0.5 seconds cure time. Either my projector is too powerful or the dye is not opaque enough. Also the Dymax did not like a high dye content - it could not cure to a solid like - only to uncured silicone consistency.

The mini VATs I cleaned by polymerizing the resin left inside with a full blast of all white and Isopropyl alcohol. No ill effects.

I did find one good thing - The 2505 burns out with only sooth left:
Before and after ( the wire is a AWG24 ):

 I have thought of using the used or fresh yellow (brighter one ) toner from a Xerox machine:
It did not work because it was filled with some Ferric particles and the pigment did not get distributed evenly ( they are Synthetic Wax ).

And finally some more random pics:

Hope it is of some use to you.

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