Sunday, January 8, 2012

Post Curing and Close-Up Pictures...

Here is the UV Lamp I used for the post cure process and some closeup pictures of the first object printed in layers:

I bought the UV Money Detector for a few euros with a bad power cable and replaced it for small change.

The following picture is ( from left to right ) the Silicone VAT sample, The Teflon Sample and the Teflon Sample Build Base with long burn in Cycle:

You may recognize the first one as it broke in the Video :

The next one is pretty  smooth with the exception of small bubbles. Guess the resin should be left alone for an hour after the stirring and shaking:

Here is a closeup through a X45 mini microscope I had bought for 3-4 dollars from ebay:

 The slices are 10 x 0.1mm and the first one is 0.2mm.
And you can see the layer slices in the second one:

Close up of the Bubbles on the surface. Next time I will brush some resin on the glass before dipping it in the VAT with resin.

Hope you had wonderful holidays!
Cough - Cough - I know the people from the south hemisphere did!

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