Sunday, February 19, 2012

4 Rings – Last night’s Platform…

Last night I decided to test the printer with some new resin I got from Fernando @
Here are some photos and I have added them in the "Gallery" Section above.


  1. hello printer first of all thankyou so much for all the information here and this helps a lot in making my 3d printer, i now almost finish my machine and ordered some resin from fernando but find it somehow smelly, i have a question that seems like you are making you machine at home and did you made any venting facilities for it? one time i clean the tank and found the smell remains on my hand for a long time, also i have a question about how do you ensure the thickless of the first layer? because seems that i did not see any limit switch or something else to tell your top glass is in touch with the bottom teflon film, even i use a limit switch, the repeatability is not good as we are interested in 10-100microns, and finally i wonder you cling the teflon film on the vat but when it tilt will resin enters between the teflon film and the vat and eventually solidified upon contact with the light? thank you so much and your blog really inspired me a lot!

  2. Hi Chan,
    You have to wear gloves anytime you work with resins. Even Epoxy and silicone will still smell on your hands long after you have contact with them, so follow safety procedures.
    I am flying high with no limit switches ;-). I use a feeler gauge to make sure the build platform is 0.1 from the VAT. The teflon is like a VAT in a VAT and it comes up to the edges and no resin can flow in between the teflon and the VAT plexi.