Friday, November 11, 2011

What Will Happen If I...

I know you have asked yourselves this question and the answer resulted usually you ended up in trouble, but maybe not this time.

I decided to check whether the polymerized resin will burn out or melt for casting purposes. I placed some Teflon film ( yes, I have it and will post about it ) on the Ceramic stove top burner. Placed the screw with a blob of resin and raised the temperature slowly.  @100 C -  I saw no change in the Teflon film other that it went soft, but it kept its properties. @120 C, 130 C, 150 C, 180 C, 200 C, same thing except the resin started to get soft when in contact with the teflon film. I broke a piece of the resin and set it on top of the film. Raised to 250 C - the teflon kind of melted and adhered to the ceramic( but was not hard to damage it by moving the piece of resin around ) and the resin started to change color to deep yellow.

Up to 300 C and the teflon is still holding and repelling the resin from ruining my ceramic counter top:

@380 - 400 I gave up since the resin changed color to almost black and no melting has occurred - it stayed the blob shape that I originally broke off.

Scraping the teflon with a putty knife made it into white plastic -like shavings.  It protected the stove top even at the higher temperatures so well that :

My wife is never going to know or suspect anything like the above ever happened in the kitchen!


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